Friday, June 12, 2015

Slow and steady wins the race

Here's a post I wrote a year ago. Even though I've been at this for quite a time, there is still work to do. There probably will be as long as I have young children in the house, and probably longer. 

I'd really LOVE to be one of those people who could just purge my house in a weekend and BE a minimalist right away.  But, sadly, I'm not.  I've been at this for a while and I'm still no where close to done.  I call myself an aspiring minimalist, and who knows when or if I'll ever make it to calling myself A minimalist. I'm not even sure I want to be a "true" minimalist. But I'm working toward something.  And that's a success in itself.
It's easy to look around and be overwhelmed and feel like I'll never get there.  But when I really think about it I can see how I've changed.  Every once in a while I look back at old photos and it reminds me that I am making progress.

When I look at my kitchen right this second, it looks cluttered and messy to me.  But looking deeper, it's all stuff I can take care of in a matter of 5 or 10 minutes.  One counter is full of strawberry jam that I finished canning and needs to go downstairs.  One counter has a few remnants of breakfast on it.  I can remedy those things easily.  But the kind of cluttered that it used to be could not be cleaned up.  It was "clean" and obscenely cluttered!

If you're starting on this journey, I really encourage you to document it.  Not that you'll ever have to show anyone, but for yourself.  These types of photos can really inspire me on days that other things don't work.  


  1. I found you on the TGIF blog hop, and I am so glad that I did!

    I am currently going through the same situation. Because of my husband's job, we will be moving 4 times in 2 years. As such, I want to majorly purge and simplify my home. I've spent hours and hours decluttering and donating all different types of items. I've put a huge dent in it already, but there is still so much more I want to do!
    I love the idea of following someone else on this difficult but rewarding journey, so I'm now following you!
    I wish you all the best with this sometimes daunting task!

    1. Thank you so much! It is daunting for sure, and I've still got SO far to go. But I'm happy with my overall progress so far.
      Join us in the Becoming a Minimalist group on!