Thursday, May 7, 2015

Summertime and the living's easy

I've never been so happy for summer to come. Well, not since I was a high school student. I finished my spring semester two days ago, and I'm taking the summer off before starting my nursing program in the fall. Can I just say that I'm over the moon excited?! Every once in a while I just can't contain how excited I am about becoming a nurse. Whatever form it takes. I've heard many say "Don't get your heart set on one area of nursing... you might get disappointed." But a friend said it differently. She said "Keep your options open. You may change your mind on the field you want." She had left the childcare field and went to nursing school with the plan of working in pediatrics, but fell in love with oncology. My original, and current, plan is to work in obstetrics and become some sort of prenatal educator. I often feel that will lead me to a degree in midwifery. But maybe not. I'm also starting to enjoy the world of nutrition. 

So on to the summer... This is the first summer I can remember where I'm not working and/or schooling a combination of full time hours. I'm extremely excited about hanging out with my kids this summer. Yesterday we flew kites. 

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