Monday, October 21, 2013

Dreaming big

Dreaming big is a family trait that I happened to inherit.  My grandfather had it, my dad has it, and I have it.  All.The.Time.  We're creative.  We have grand ideas.

I only know a few of my grandfather's stories.  But I've heard people say that he was a big dreamer.  I've heard rumors of him wanting to make a roller skating rink in our hometown and a few others.  The only story I do know well is that he was a truck driver living in Connecticut and he sold everything to leave the city and move to Maine and become a farmer.  And that's how I came to exist!

My dad has also had a number of ideas.  Ideas about starting a sports bar, or a sheep farm (?!?).  He's started at least one book that I know of.  He used to design and sell t-shirts.  And more recently, he started a successful themed restaurant and is hoping to franchise it sooner or later.

I apparently got the creative dreamer gene.  My mind is always buzzing with new ideas.  Grand ideas.  Are they good ideas?  I'm not always sure.  I think a few of them are.  I've tried out a couple.

I've tried a few direct sales companies... some successful, some not so much.  And what I've learned about that is... in order to be successful at that, you need to love your products.  Dan Miller of 48 Days said "True professional selling is simply sharing enthusiasm."  I love that!  But I digress.  Those were just ventures I went out on... not really ideas...

I've worked in the Early Childhood field for over a decade, so a lot of my ideas are child related.  I've considered opening large daycare centers, children's museums, toy stores.  Two years ago I did quit my job and start an in-home child care program that is still running.  It is going quite well, but I know it's not a forever career for me.  My own kids will both be "school age" next year, so I'm not sure how much longer it will make sense for our family.  Along with that I've had other ideas.  The Huntsman has a fully equipped wood shop in the garage.  I've considered making children's toys to sell, puzzles, kids' furniture and more.  For a while I considered making and selling diaper bags.  I did sell one at my friend's boutique.  I've sewn Christmas tree skirts and other various things.  I do enjoy that, but don't always have the time for crafting like I'd like.

However, through the journey to simplicity and minimalism I'm learning so much about myself and my dreams.  First of all, they ARE possible.  I can live my dream.  It just takes some planning.  I can't just go do something on a whim and expect it to take off.  Also, minimalism will allow me more time to do more things I love and enjoy.  And I will turn those into extra income.  Dan and Vanessa on SLT call that a "lifestyle business".

Right now I'm not going to go into detail about the kinds of things I have in mind, but be on the look out for an new etsy shop in the next month or two!  I can't wait to share my ideas with you!


  1. Do you have any IDEA how many big ideas and dreams that S and I come up with?!?!?! I think it's also the artists in us ;) But it can also plague you and you're always itching to do something aren't you? I know I am......

    1. Absolutely... my brain is always going in fast forward, which puts the rest of me into slow motion sometimes!